Mosaic artist Stephen Holloway at work

Artist at Work

Mosaic artist Stephen Holloway working his artwork.

Each glazed tile piece is cut by my wet saw or a hand chipper and glued to a primed 3/4” plywood. 

I draw an original design using a photo for my inspiration. 

After all the tiles have been secured to the plywood, sanded ceramic tile grout is applied.

It takes approximately 30 days to create one tropical mosaic.

Mosaic artist creating art by hand.

The excess grout is cleaned off and after the grout has cured, the tile and grout are sealed with a co-polymer grout sealer.

Hand-making tropical mosaic artwork.
Mosaic tile art of tropical plants.

Then the mosaic is ready for framing. The mosaic is secured to the frame with metal brackets. I sign and place the date on the back of each mosaic.

After framing the mosaic tiles are given their final polishing.